Edificio De Correos, Madrid

Edificio De Correos, Madrid

Historic Building of Edificio De Correos

If you love history and grand architecture then Spain has lots to offer. One unmissable building to see if you are in Madrid is Edificio De Correos which was supposed to be a post office building located in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Mexico City. This magnificent building has a lot to offer the tourists that visit.

Built between 1915 and 1920, its stunning architecture and white stone exterior display intricately carved details across the front. This makes it a great spot to take photographs of this beautiful building. In fact, upon its construction, it was thought to be the most modern building of its time. The grand design of the building was meant to signify the unparalleled progress of the postal service and telegraphic communications during that time.

But today, this grand building is not used as a post office. It holds many different attractions for tourists to enjoy, especially those that are interested in history. The Edificio de Correos interior matches the grandeur of its exterior and is worth taking a look at. It has a great arch at the top of the tower and a metal staircase that reaches the viewpoint of this spectacular building.

The Naval History Museum is located on the 4th floor of the building which is very interesting and well worth taking a look around. The rest of the building is open for the public to explore and appreciate the architectural triumph of the delicately constructed pillars and walls in this unique building.

If you are looking for something a little bit different while visiting Madrid then take a trip to the Grand Post Office Building, Valencia because it is so worth the trip.

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