The Legends of Es Vedra, Ibiza

The Legends of Es Vedra, Ibiza

The Legends of Es Vedra, Ibiza

Shrouded in myth and mystery, Es Vedra, Ibiza is a magical place with an intriguing back story. This little island is part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and is uninhabited. Es Vedra is also known as the rocky island by the locals and it attracts many tourists all year round.

Standing around 400 meters high just off the coast of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia on the small island of Ibiza, this rocky island adds to the magnificent views from the coast. The island is made up of Mesozoic limestone and seismic activity in the religion many years ago has caused the rock face to shear and disconnect from the Betica Mountain Range.

Magnetic Attraction

Legend states that this little island has a magnetic power emanating from its tall peaks. Though there is no scientific evidence for this, many believe due to lots of seismic activity there is a dense concentration of metals within the mountain causing a strong magnetic pull. This little island has also been the subject of many UFO sightings which people attribute to its magnetic significance.

The Bermuda Triangle of Spain

Perhaps similar to its believed magnetic abilities, this region of the sea from Es Vedra in Ibiza, the rock of Ifach in Calpe, Alicante, and the Southwest coast of Mallorca forms a kind-of Bermuda Triangle where many boats have reported significant power failure and interference while sailing around this area.

Greek Mythology

It is also the home of sirens and sea-nymphs. It is believed that while sailing the high seas in Homer’s Odyssey that Odysseus, the mythical Greek king of Ithaca, was seduced by the sirens in the hope of crashing his boat into the rocky shore of Es Verde.

The Luna Goddess

It is thought to be a holy place for the Phoenician people that occupied the region at around 110BC. They believed the mountain was a holy place and it is said they made sacrifices on the island on the full moon to appease the lunar goddess, Tanit. Later she became the patroness of Ibiza.

The Giant of Es Vedra

And Es Vedra is home to the traditional Spanish Fable ‘The Giant of Es Vedrà’. The fable stated that a giant lived on Es Vedra, squeezed in one of the many caves hidden from view. Or lurked submerged under the waters around the island ready to sink any boats that approached it. It is believed that 2 brothers had to venture to the island to save their father from a deadly illness.

Life-Sustaining Island

The friar Francis Palau y Quer is also said to have lived on the island after fleeing Barcelona in 1855. The legend goes that the monk spent a week living on the island drinking nothing but rainwater and meditating, praying to the Gods. It is said that he then began to experience lots of powerful visions which he went on to write about in his book ‘My Relations With The Church’.

Whatever you believe, Es Vedra is undoubtedly a magical place that has to be seen in person to experience its true magnificence. Perfect for photos and shrouded in myth, this rocky island in the sea is a force not to be reckoned with.

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