The Grand Cathedral of Almeria

The Grand Cathedral of Almeria

Catedral de la Encarnación de Almería, or the Cathedral of Almeria, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city of Almeria. It was constructed between 1524 and 1562 and has a Gothic architectural style. It was originally constructed as a fortress to protect against marauding pirates but has also always been a place of worship for the local people.

This is the only fortified cathedral dating back to this time frame and as such, it includes many defensive features, like impenetrable walls and four circular corner towers. It also used to hold canons to keep unwelcome invaders at bay.

This grand cathedral has several different chapels within its solid brick exterior, with intricately designed altars throughout. The main altar is of Baroque design and adorned with bright colours and rich gold.

The Gothic interior boasts fine sculptures and high-arching ceilings. Beautiful paintings and stained-glass windows dress the walls whilst leaving much of the sandy coloured bricks exposed. Guided tours are offered Monday to Friday for a small fee which gives you access to the Renaissance cloister, commissioned to J. Antonio Munar, it is said to be the most impressive cloister in all of the Spanish cathedrals.

This fortified cathedral is not the only historic landmark in the area. While you are visiting Almeria, why not take some time to explore Alcazaba Castle or the Church of San Juan. This is an awe-inspiring stop for history enthusiasts and culture-lovers and will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time.

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