HOPP Scooters, Costa Blanca

HOPP Scooters, Costa Blanca

From Amelia Carey

Today we decided to leave the car behind and try out the HOPP Scooter system as it’s a lovely way to get out into the fresh air and explore Costa Blanca. If you’ve seen the HOPP Scooters scattered around Costa Blanca, but are unsure how to use them, then hopefully this video will help you understand a bit more about them and how they work. I think these scooters are a great idea, as not only are they cheap to use, they are also environmentally friendly…Bonus, your first ride is free!

– Download the app, enter your phone number and also your payment details. The App is available for iPhone and Android.
– Locate a scooter…Use the app to find the nearest scooter and Unlock it by tapping the ‘Ride” button. Then, either scan the QR code on top of the handlebar or enter the number below the QR code.
– You can reserve the vehicle for free for up to 15 minutes while finding it.
– There is a starting fee to unlock the vehicle as well as a fee per minute used. Press on a scooter in the app to see the pricing. It may vary between locations.
– In Orihuela Costa, it’s usually 90 cents to start and 20 cents per minute to ride.
– You can also pause a ride for 10 cents a minute.
– To pause the ride press “Stop Ride” at the bottom of your screen. A “Pause Ride” option will appear. The scooter will be locked and you can leave it until you want to continue your journey. The scooter will remain unavailable to others.
– Your payment card will be charged at the end of the ride. you will only be charged for used minutes.
– When you’ve reached your destination press “End Ride” to finish your trip.

– The max speed is 25km per hour. It may go slower depending on the inclination and battery status.
– Always Ride on the street, not on pathways or other pedestrian zones, and remember to Use bike lanes where and when they are available.
– When parking, don’t block public pathways, ramps, or entrances.
– The recommended place to park is next to bike racks when available.

– You must be over 18 years of age to use the scooters.
– Only one person per scooter which means “NO PASSENGERS ALLOWED”.
– The person riding is responsible for any damage that may occur.
– You are not allowed to use under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
– You ARE allowed to leave the operating zone but don’t end your ride there as you WILL be fined.
– You CAN pause the ride, but always remember to go back into the operating zone to complete your journey.
– You can find all the rules and information on the app and website.

Contact by email: costablanca@hopp.bike
Website: https://hopp.bike/
Facebook:Hopp Scooters Costa Blanca

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