The Lady of Elche

The Lady of Elche

The Lady of Elche, Madrid

La Dama de Elche or the Lady of Elche is an interesting piece of history, discovered in 1897 and made entirely of limestone. It is believed that this bust was first created in 4th or 5th BC and it was discovered at La Alcudia, which is now an archaeological site around 2 km from the bustling city of Elche. The Lady of Elche is now exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid.

This incredible piece is known to be the gem of all Iberian arts attributed to its near-pristine condition and measuring around 56cm. The limestone bust is thought to have belonged to a seated statue that may have been used as a funeral urn for someone very important.

This magical statue is believed to have a direct link to Tanit, a Punic and Phoenician goddess, worshiped by the Amazigh people. Throughout the region, Tanit has been celebrated and worshiped by many, from the Amazigh people to the Romans, believing she brings rain to the region.

This is not the only showstopping piece exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Spain. There are several incredible Iberian stone sculptures, like the Lady of Baza, Lady of Cerro de Los Santos, and Bicha of Balazote. These amazing statues are also beautifully preserved and showcased for tourists and locals to enjoy.

For the history buffs and children, this is a great day out. The National Archaeological Museum in Madrid is a great place to explore and take in the exotic history of this incredible region.

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