Locals Using The Trams in Alicante

Locals Using The Trams in Alicante

The Trams in Alicante from Travel Spain

Alicante is such a wonderful place with so much to explore. But one of the greatest things about the city is its tram lines taking you far beyond the typical tourist trip to the city. The tram will take you to all kinds of amazing Spanish places to enjoy and the best part; they run all day and night.

The tram line is run by a Valencian railway company FGV and was used to replace the diesel-run trains that ran between Alicante and El Campello. The tram weaves along the seafront easily taking you on another adventure in the areas surrounding Alicante that are predominantly traditionally Spanish.

Back in the 1920s, the tram was horse-drawn and then became steam. The metropolitan tramline is now very modern and is air-conditioned throughout. You can get a tram from Alicante straight to Benidorm and vice-versa so you are not confined to just visiting the one place while on holiday. If you have the chance, check out El Campello on the tram from Alicante which is a quaint and quiet village next to the sea which seems to attract a lot fewer tourists in the summer months.

This modern tramline is a fantastic way to get around and is a great way to see more of the stunning areas that surround Alicante and Benidorm. It is fast, convenient, and comfortable and is a very cheap way to get around. To broaden your next holiday, go to Alicante from your villa in Villamartin and grab the trams to explore even further than the average tourist and delve deep into the Spanish culture in the villages that surround this beautiful city.

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