It’s Not All Parties In Ibiza

It’s Not All Parties In Ibiza

Ibiza, known for its foam parties, cheap booze, and devil-may-care atmosphere; it’s the epitome of youth. But behind its buzzing nightlife is a sensational island on the east coast of Spain with much more to offer.

Once you have partied the night away and soaked up the sun on the countless sandy beaches that frame the island, make sure to embrace the local culture in Ibiza’s old town, D’alt Vila. This is undoubtedly a hidden gem on the island offering Spanish culture, panoramic views from the island, and rich history.

Meander down the cobbled streets that wind and weave through quaint traditional shops or stop for a quiet bite at a restaurant to take in the Spanish vibe. Make your way up the hill to get the best views from this beautiful island or head to the bottom to enjoy the promenade by the crystal blue waters in the harbor. D’alt Vila comes alive in the nighttime with a hippy market where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs and trinkets.

Whether you are looking for a party-hard holiday or wanting to just get away from it all, D’alt Vila is a must on the island of Ibiza. Its beautiful buildings and deep history will give this Spanish island a whole new level to appreciate and you won’t be disappointed.

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