Alicante to Córdoba by Train 

Alicante to Córdoba by Train 

So off I go on my next solo trip in Spain.. This time I am heading to Córdoba, Cádiz & Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia.

My journey started at Alicante train station where I hopped on the train to Córdoba, although it wasn’t as straight forward as this.. I had a 45 minute stopover in Madrid first and blimey.. Madrid train station is so much bigger than I remembered.. Luckily there were some kind staff who helped me find my way and it wasn’t long before I was on my next train to Córdoba. As soon as I found my seat on the last train of the day, my nerves left and my excitement kicked in, I’M ON MY HOLIDAYS!!

What would I do without Google Maps huh?.. It was so easy to find which bus to get on, and which directions to walk to find the hostel. I chose to stay in Hostel Puerta de la Luna which was great location, very central! I quickly freshened up and went off exploring.. I wasn’t expecting to do much on my first day as I arrived late afternoon, but that didn’t stop me from going out and having a wander around! I stopped off for some lovely food at Casa Mazal, then met up with a lovely girl from my hostel!

I can’t wait to show you guys what I got up to on my first day in Córdoba, so make sure to check out my next video! If you enjoyed this video please remember to give me a thumbs up as it helps more people to see this video. Subscribe if you want ideas of things to do and places to visit here in Spain. You can also support my channel by buying me a coffee, the link is down below. I really appreciate all of your support x

HOSTEL (Puerta de la Luna)

Casa Mazal (Restaurant):

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