Carmen del Campillo Tea House, Alicante

Carmen del Campillo Tea House, Alicante

Carmen del Campillo Tea House

Looking for something a little more off-the-beaten-track? Then Carmen del Campillo is the place for you. Full of history and wonder, this tea house is Alicante’s best-kept secret. Built in Moroccan/ Arabic style and cradled by luscious gardens this place really is one of a kind in Spain.

The tea house is open to all visitors, but make sure to check their availability and opening hours before you visit this stunning place. Serving Tea and light refreshments, this is a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy. Entrance fees vary from adults to children but it is well worth the entrance fee to explore this wonderful place.

The Carmen del Campillo Tea House is perhaps the most underrated tourist attraction in Alicante. When you first arrive, you are given the choice of being seated inside or outside before the lovely staff serves Sweet Arabian Tea and snacks to your table. Inside is draped in Moroccan-inspired rich fabrics and blankets, while outside is patrolled by peacocks and is illuminated by rustic lanterns at night. Piped Arabian music rings out through the tea house adding to its rich atmosphere.

This Tea House seems to be in the middle of nowhere so make sure to follow signs with simple white arrows and black stars on them to find this gem. It is open all year round and in winter, logs are burnt on the fire to make it even cozier.

If you can, make sure to visit this place at dusk where the lanterns flood the area in a deep-orange glow and the peacocks gather on the roof as this is a truly unmissable experience. Renting a villa in the Villamartin area makes it easy to visit amazing places such as this.

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