Bulls on Parade – Fiesta de San Fermin

Bulls on Parade – Fiesta de San Fermin

Perhaps the most famous festival in Spain is the Fiesta de San Fermin where people line the streets in Pamplona while a bull makes a mad dash through the streets. This is an unmissable event that is held every year between the 6th and 14th of July.

This unbeatable experience attracts the attention of thrill-seekers from all over the world who flock to be part of this adrenaline-filled fiesta. Thousands of tourists and locals gather in the cobbled streets of Pamplona wearing white T-shirts and equipped with red bandanas whilst around 5 to 10 bulls are let loose in the streets. They chase participants through the narrow streets of Pamplona leading to the famous bull ring at the end.

This is an ancient Spanish tradition that has been kept alive through the generations. Traditionally, Bulls were led from the fields through the streets to the bullring for slaughter when local youths would jump in front of the bulls to demonstrate their bravado.

The streets come alive with roaring on-lookers and the sounds of the cannons signifying the bulls’ whereabouts. Music flows through the streets and creates a buzzing atmosphere. Once the bull run finishes there are fireworks, bands, chocolate con churros, and a huge street party where everyone is welcome.

The classic Fiesta de Dan Fermin is the perfect adventure for those looking for an adrenaline-filled day or those looking to soak up the local culture of Pamplona so don’t miss out.

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