Torrevieja Pink Salt Lakes

Torrevieja Pink Salt Lakes

From Amelia Carey

In this Vlog I and my friend Elaine spent a lovely evening at Torrevieja Salt Lakes where we got some lovely photos and some incredible drone shots as the sun was setting over the lake. The Torrevieja Salt Lakes (Las Salinas de Torrevieja) is one of the most impressive natural parks in the Valencia region and one of the main features that draws tourists to this area is the bright pink hue that radiates from the lake. This pink hue occurs as a result of the high salt content in the lake and the bacteria and algae in the water that thrive on the salt. These bacteria and algae give the water its pink colour.

Many people also come to this lake to see the Flamingos that frequent the lake. These Flamingos feed on the algae-filled shrimp that live there and this is what gives their feathers that rosy tint that matches the water.

The benefits of saltwater are great at removing toxins from your body and have an exceptional effect on your skin. The high salt content of the lake also makes the water denser and as a result, you float in the water when bathing. However, bathing has been prohibited in this area as a result of the damage done to the natural park because of frequent visitors. Instead, if you do wish to experience these benefits you should visit the mud baths in the Mar Manor where bathing is allowed and it feels very much like going to an outdoor spa.

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